Is Agile Writers a Good Value?

A nearby writer’s group is offering the following: Category Local MFA Offering Agile Writers Instructor: MFA Grad/Novelist Agile Writer Coach Price $1,399 $160 ($5/week) Entry Requirements 10-page sample None. Start Date September 9, 2019 Any time you’re ready Class Size Limit 10 students Limited by Space Length of Program 39 weeks(9 months) 32 weeks(6 weeks Storyboarding + 26 weeks writing […]

On Awards Shows

  Why Watch Bad Films Every year, my writing partner on, Dr. Scott Allison and I discuss the idea of reviewing films on the Golden Globes and Oscar nominations lists. Scott prefers to review movies he knows are going to be of high quality, whereas I like a sort of random draw – reviewing both bad and good movies. […]

The Problem with Notting Hill

I recently read a blogger’s takedown of “Notting Hill.” She had identified the Anna Scott character as being very shallow and self-absorbed. And since she was so flawed, Will Thacker should not have loved her. The author believes no one should watch the movie because it gives a bad example of relationships. My thoughts… If you look at this […]

Not Just Hump Day

To most people Wednesday equals Hump Day.  They have made it halfway through their work week and the weekend is just around the corner. They are one step closer to Friday. But, not Agile Writers members. To us, Wednesdays mean that we can leave our working lives for two hours and enter the world of writing. Which for most is […]

An Audience of One

I have heard two competing pieces of advice about considering your audience when writing a novel. One: define your audience. Be specific. You have to know who you’re addressing in order to create a cohesive work. Two: don’t worry about who you’re writing to. In fact, try to forget that you have any desire to publish the book and have […]

Quiet the Chatter of Your Mind

Here at Agile Writers, we have a mantra “Constantly Move Forward.” There are so many ways to get stuck. A novel is a long project. A snafu at any juncture can derail the whole venture. We explored one common obstacle to the writing process this week in our weekly “Craft of Writing” installment. Periodically, we choose a book about the […]

Accountability and Motivation

I was recently talk­ing to one of my Agile Writers about why the work­shop is so suc­cess­ful. In the last 3 years we’ve invited over 100 peo­ple to our group. In that same time we’ve com­pleted over 20 first draft nov­els. That’s about a 20% suc­cess rate. For most any writ­ers group, that is a pretty high percentage. To what […]