Horrible Bosses (2011)

Greg Says: The Three Stooges meet Hitchcock in the 21st century

Title: Horrible Bosses (2011)
Rating: 8/10
Date: 9 July 2011
Recommendation: Wait for the Instant Download
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I went into “Horrible Bosses” with low expectations. And I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised. Horrible Bosses was funny and included a number of unexpected plot twists. Still, I don’t see any reason to rush out to see it in theaters, so I recommend you “Wait for the instant download”.

The story is all about three guys (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis) have horrible bosses (Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston, and Colin Ferrill). Batemen’s boss cheats him out of a promotion. Sudeikis’ boss dies and his coke-head son takes over. And Charlie Day has the enviable problem of Jennifer Anniston’s sexual advances. The boys decide the best thing to do is kill their bosses and pay M.F. Jones (Jamie Foxx) to give them assassin advice. And the boys go off on their journey to free themselves from their demons.

This plot could have come right out of a Three Stooges movie. In fact, the boys fumble and stumble and slap each other in classic style. What has changed is an update for modern times. They deal with felons, drug abusers, and gratuitous sex. And it’s as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.

The film has no serious weaknesses except that it is a bit slow in the middle. Kevin Spacey is a great villain boss. Jennifer Anniston evokes her same sexy image with an upgrade to sexual predator. And Colin Ferrel delivers a believable jerk boss.

There are points when we think we know what will come next. And sometimes the film is a bit predictable. But there are a number of unexpected twists that make the movie lively and worth the time spent.